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Monthly Reports: August 2005

August 2005

   MEMORANDUM TO:  Jim Hagen

   DATE:  September 7, 2005

   FROM:  Billie Jo Waara

   SUBJECT:  Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report

You may download and print the entire August Report  in Adobe Acrobat (PDF).


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Governor's Conference on Tourism

Continued working on agenda and contacting speakers for the Conference on January 18 and 19 at the Ramkota in Pierre, per input from the Association of CVBs and evaluations from the 2005 Conference.

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Continued preparing for the Women In Ag Conference in Watertown in September; agenda found at

Will work in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development booth during Value Added Ag Day at the State Fair.

Met with Lynn Vershoor of the South Dakota Art Museum to finalize details of the agenda for the Agri Cultural Alliance Conference to be held in Oacoma in October.

Met with Historical Society and Arts Council to discuss cultural/heritage tourism/economic development efforts.  Staff from each office will continue to update each other on respective office projects.

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Worked on itinerary for Minnesota Bound and Backroads’ shoot in the Black Hills, which includes Hot Springs, Deadwood, and Rapid City.  Finalized itinerary for Smithsonian magazine writer to the Black Hills with stops in Custer State Park and Spearfish Canyon.

Worked with writer with the Chinese edition of National Geographic Traveler on a trip to western South Dakota.

Hosted writer from Good Age magazine; audience is empty nesters, 55+.  Article will be on shoulder season travels with different generations.  Hosted writer for Maxim/Playboy during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Followed up with Kerry Westernberg, Star Tribune, contact from Minneapolis Media Blitz and sent ideas about ag tourism opportunities in the state.  Followed up with senior producer of KSTP Television’s “On the Road” segment with information on the Corn Palace re-decorating.  Contacted the Corn Palace.

Fact-checked Rand McNally copy for the National Native American Scenic Byway.  Responded to media requests: New York Times regarding fall foliage marketing efforts; Cameron Reeder, freelance writer working on a story for Group Travel Planet; and PASSPORT magazine.

Provided interviews and/or information to South Dakota Public Radio, Copley News Service, American Cowboy, and various freelancers. 

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Placed co-op ad in Destinations and Group Tour magazines and will place co-op ad in Courier and Bank Travel Management magazines in October.

Continued working on MLT Vacations hosting to locate provider for horseback riding tour.  Reviewed video clips of Black Hills partners for presentation to MLT participants.

Made arrangements for pre-convention caucus at the Legion Cabin on September 15 for South Dakota National Tour Association and American Bus Association (NTA/ABA) members to prepare them for NTA Convention in November and ABA Marketplace in February 2006.  Sent pre-convention invitation to South Dakota NTA/ABA members: first-timers session in the morning and annual meeting in the afternoon.  Updated ABA Motorcoach Marketer information for new directory and added Top 100 event nominations to the listing.

Provided information/tour helps to First National Bank, Yankton; Group Services, Illinois; Naturalist Conservation Board, Iowa; Brenner Vacations, Michigan; Package Travel Insider (travel trade magazine with circulation of 15,000); Patti Tours, Texas; Raymond Plue, Missouri; You Come Too, Inc, Ohio; Phillips Properties, Mississippi; Tours of Distinction, Connecticut; Compass Tours, Nevada; Mohr Travel, Illinois; and Tammy Hanna, Florida.

Continued working with Northwest Airlines on airline ticket requests for international journalists invited to the Roundup.  Sent draft pre-fam itinerary, letter, and Governor’s Roundup invite to 39 international journalists.  Provided itinerary for Victoria Gray, United Kingdom, Horse & Hound magazine for post-fam Buffalo Roundup.

Completed arrangements for Bel Mooney fam and Robin Smith, journalist/photographer team from the United Kingdom, writing for Saturday Times (circ. 900,000) and the Mail on Sunday (circ. 3,000,000).   Possibility of a third article that would be a picture story with 300 words.

RMI Megafam grew from 50 to 60 tour operators and overseas representatives.  Contacted host cities and attractions in South Dakota for confirmation they would host extra participants.

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Planned tour and pheasant hunt in Sioux Falls area for October for Pheasants Forever executives with goal of hosting Pheasant Fest in Sioux Falls in the future.  It drew 30,000 people to Omaha in 2005.

Led meeting with Sioux Falls groups to discuss preliminary conference plans for the 2006 Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) conference.  Attendees included Southeast South Dakota, Glacial Lakes and Prairies, Corn Palace CVB, The Outdoor Campus, Sioux Falls CVB, and Sheraton Sioux Falls.  Began planning South Dakota Night during the 2006 Conference and secured entertainment for the evening.

Hosted Gary Howey’s Outdoorsman Adventures on a catfishing show on Lake Oahe; show to air in January 2006.  Hosted the Ultimate Outdoors and Outfitters Almanac in the Pierre area to Lake Oahe fishing and general travel to the region.  Finalized plan for Raghorn News television and magazine on an archery antelope hunt in October in the Mobridge area.  Worked with Mobridge Chamber for a hunting and fishing writers’ camp.  Finalized location for media camp to take place in October in the Aberdeen area.  Worked with Remington on a late-season waterfowl hunt in the Pierre area.

Provided interviews/information to Mossy Oak, Realtree Adventures, ESPN Inc., Field and Stream, and various freelancers.

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Designed and placed ad for the 2005 edition of LA 411, published in December. 

Interviewed three companies out of six that sent RFPs for revamping 

Mailed crew/service forms and letter to contacts in the current database.  Will input information into a new database.

Attended a meeting of the Black Hills Film Resource Council, a group in Western South Dakota that was formed to promote filming in that area.  Presented outline of summer film office projects and distributed related materials.

Scheduled a meeting with Lise King of the Native Voice Film Festival and others to discuss ideas for next year’s festival and the role of the Film Office.  Set up a meeting with contacts in Aberdeen to discuss opportunities for growth in the film industry and individual projects in which the group is involved. 

Spoke with a producer of NBC’s “Three Wishes” regarding filming in Brookings in September.  Spoke with Public Broadcast System producer regarding premiere of South Dakota’s portion of “America’s Heartland,” which was filmed in South Dakota in April.

Met with an independent filmmaker who completed a feature film in Sioux Falls over the summer.  Discussed future opportunities and how the Film Office can assist.  Met with owner of Spectrum Films to discuss current projects, ideas for the Film Office and what duties he performs and equipment he has.  Met with an individual regarding a possible film festival in Sioux Falls in 2007; discussed preliminary planning, funding, ideas, etc.

Provided South Dakota filmmaker contacts to an Alabama filmmaker who is making a film with scenes provided from each of the fifty states.  Provided contact information to producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a photo shoot.  Spoke with a filmmaker from New York who is interested in filming a short film in South Dakota with a bison as the main character.  Provided contacts for buffalo ranches, producers, and colleges.

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Car count at the Centers for July was down 7.8 % from July 2004; for Canadian visitors, it was up .6 %; and for other international visitors, it was down 6.1%.  There were 184 motorcoaches and 37 were international.

Use of travel tapes and CDs at the Centers was up 7.2% over July 2004.

Closing dates for the Interstate Information Centers: September 5 – New Effington; September 11 – Wasta; and September 18 – Wilmot, Valley Springs, Vermillion, Salem, Vivian, Tilford, and Spearfish.

Working with Sioux Falls CVB on the end-of-the-year party arrangements for the travel counselors in November.

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For 2005, 331 Governor Certificates for outstanding hospitality have been awarded; 115 gold foil stars have been awarded for a second recognition, and 59 pins have been awarded for a third recognition.

Sent updated annual application forms for the George S. Mickelson Great Service Award and the Great Service STAR program to hospitality database.

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Total FY2006 Inquiries through 9-01-05

Mail:      2,858
Internet (e-mail):
Phone:      3,044
Total:    21,098

Total FY2005 Inquiries through 9-01-04:

Mail:       3,505
Internet (e-mail):       13,238
Phone:       3,053
Total:     19,796

For the new fiscal year 2006, there is an overall increase in inquiries of 6.6 percent over FY2005.

Calculated Web stats for for August (missing one day):    

  Page Views Daily Average % Change over 2004
August (30 days) 1,060,076 35,336 28.7% increase

“Page views” represents the number of times each and every page within the web site is accessed.

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Received delivery of 50,000 Lewis and Clark Trail Guides, the fifth edition of this guide.  The first guide was printed in 1997.  Will notify Lewis and Clark database and other partners that the new guide is available.

Assisted Game, Fish & Parks with the reprint of their Lewis and Clark Bingo Card. 

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Scheduled a meeting with tribal tourism representatives of the Yankton Sioux Tribe in October.

Attended an Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates Board meeting in Rapid City.

Attended a meeting in Eagle Butte to learn about tribal tourism efforts in the area, as well as learn about the projects that the Four Bands Community Fund is working on.

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Worked on photography and video hit lists in general and per marketing projects/campaigns.

Fulfilled requests for photo files with loans to Oahe Speedway, Secretary of State’s Office, Department of Game, Fish & Parks, NRCS, Koupal Communications, State Publishing, South Dakota Municipal League, Pierre; Deadwood Magazine, New Riders of the Deadwood Stage (reenactment group), Deadwood; Sioux Falls CVB, Lawrence and Schiller, EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls; Kaleidoscope Productions, Aberdeen; Archeodome, GF Advertising, Mitchell; Watertown Public Opinion; Crazy Horse Memorial; Serendipity Publishing, Rand McNally, Michigan; and VZS Winnipeg Pictures #13 Inc (for a CBS production), Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Fulfilled requests for video footage: northeastern South Dakota to Micontinent Communications, stock footage to Thompson Vision for a recruiting video they are producing, Sioux Falls; downtown Sioux Falls and downtown Rapid City to McQuillen Design, Aberdeen, for a commercial they are producing; and stock footage to Big Ideas Inc., Franklin, Tennessee, for the children’s show “Veggie Tales.”

Scouted locations for fall TV shoot in the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Mickelson Trail, and Spearfish Canyon.  Contacted each location to brief them on the upcoming shoots. 

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Correction from July monthly report – the Giant Step and Great Getaways 2006 peak season forms were not sent.  They will be sent in September.

Placement of Giant Step magazine inserts is complete in the five magazines for shoulder season; last placement of Great Getaways newspaper insert will be completed September 11.

Sent copies of August ads to Call Center and relayed new Source Codes.

Continued to input new events to the online Calendar of Events and to Calendar of Events database, per July mailing requesting information for 2006 events responses.

Completed ad design and sent for placement in the annual AAA Tourbook (circ. 791,000) and the AAA Campbook (circ. 191,000).

Reviewed weekly ad copy/package details and TV spots for shoulder season and forwarded changes to ad agency.  Routed weekly ad finals with insertion dates to appropriate staff members.  Reviewed/forwarded changes on the direct mail pheasant hunting postcard and the Eastern South Dakota insert, a piece promoting packages similar to peak season efforts for the Black Hills.  Notified South Dakota Road Trip partners of schedule for August broadcasts: Historic Deadwood Gaming, Deadwood; Make a Splash With Us, Sioux Falls; Wildest Pair Vacation, Rapid City; and Ride on the Wild Side, Custer. 

Sent Travelsmart to 138,603 e-mail subscribers.

Worked with Department of Game, Fish & Parks on gathering information for the snowmobile trails map.  Notified contact in Black Hills of deadline for changes.  Started contacting businesses to get updates of the trail directory listing.  Will have 50,000 maps printed, with delivery of maps in November.

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Developed a timeline and budget for updates of all publications.  Developed a production plan for the Tourism Assistance Directory.  Discussed a new brochure for motorcyclists.

Developed a plan to revamp the printed version of the Annual Report, which is distributed at the annual tourism conference and through mailings, meetings, and special requests.  The annual report will be posted on

Created a newsletter called Tourism fyi to better inform the visitor industry of conferences and events, campaign marketing pieces and targets, and office tidbits.  Mailed newsletter to statewide visitor industry database, and sent e-mail to database with link to fyi site on 

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On updated Visitor Services Directory to show 4,948 entries; 145 packages, 21 coupons, and 16 “at par” packages are listed for 40 cities in 26 categories.  Submitted packages to  Worked on a new shoulder-season masthead design for the website.  Began setting up pages and content of pages for hunting and fishing, linked from  Added 30 new photos and captions.

Requested purchase of keywords on Google and Yahoo for shoulder season campaign.

Provided specific package web pages to ad agency for online campaign with Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Submitted text and photos of the Buffalo Roundup to Meredith Travel for use as feature listing during September on and sites. 

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Forwarded appropriate files of slogan and standards to GF Advertising in Mitchell and Governor’s Office for South Dakota Beef.

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Monitored panel registrations for the Travel Monitoring System (TMS).  Continued working with industry to complete panel for each segment identified for the TMS.  Continued working on the web page for (TMS), which includes a password-protected login to the reporting system for panelists.  The login code will be provided by Center for Tourism Research.  System will be tested before launching to panelists.

Encoded 787 surveys for the Information Center Traveler Survey, analyzed data, and drafted report and executive summary for review. 

Compiled information for the Event Impact Study, which will be reviewed to determine information that is still needed for the study.

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Governor’s Buffalo Roundup and Governor’s Invitational Pheasant Hunt

Reserved satellite truck for the Roundup and will provide information for media outlets.  Contacted official at Custer State Park to confirm setup and times of the Roundup.  Continued working on other details of both events.

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Continued working on details of Tourism’s booth – “South Dakota in the Fall” since fall events will be showcased.  Thanks to the following for donations of event tickets for drawings at Tourism’s booth: Geddes for Fall Demolition Derby, Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City for Fezziwig Festival, Spirit of the West Festival in Sioux Falls, and Eureka’s German-Russian Schmeckfest.  Scheduled staff to work the booth.

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Argus Leader Bicycle Tour, June 12-18, Yankton, Pickstown, Platte, Chamberlain, and Pierre: Will compile report from evaluations.

Wild Bill Hickok Days, June 17-19, Deadwood: Will compile report from evaluations.

Pierpont Storytelling Festival, August 13-14, Pierpont: Sent evaluation forms and will compile report.

Oak Lake Bluegrass Festival, August 19-21, Astoria: Sent evaluation forms and will compile report.

Great Plains Bison-tennial Dutch Oven Cook-off, August 27-28, Yankton: Sent evaluation forms and will compile report.

Great Dakota Wine Fest, September 3-4, Vermillion: Plan to attend event and will send evaluation forms after event.

Wall-Badlands Art Expo, September 6-10, Wall: Cancelled by local committee.

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Created a plan for revamping the Great Events Campaign, which includes an application process; responsibilities of the event committee and Tourism prior, during, and after the event; and event criteria that Tourism’s selection committee must follow when selecting participants for the Great Events Campaign.

Notification of the changes in the Great Events Campaign/Program will occur the first week in September via in-state media; letters to all South Dakota Chambers of Commerce, CVBs, tourism regions, and event coordinators; and information on

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Deadwood gaming revenue deposited for July 2005 was up 7.4 percent at $243,415, as compared to $226,688 for July 2004.  The tourism tax deposited for July 2005 was up 3.1 percent at $595,036, as compared to $577,251 for July 2004.  The deposits in FY06 for gaming and the tourism tax are $1,344,210, as compared to $1,267,602 for FY05.  This is an overall increase in revenue of 6 percent when comparing the same time period.

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