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Monthly Reports: November 2002

November 2002

MEMORANDUM TO: Governor William J. Janklow

DATE: December 6, 2002

FROM: Patricia Van Gerpen

SUBJECT: Tourism’s November Monthly Status Report

You may download and print the entire November report in Adobe Acrobat (PDF).


Governor's Conference on Tourism
Rural Tourism Development
Public Relations
Group Tour
Film Office
Information Centers
Travel Shows


Lewis and Clark Promotions
Native American Tourism
Travel News Television
Target Market Advertising
Winter Campaign
World Wide Web
Governor's Tourism Advisory Board
Great Events
Department Funding


Met with committees working on the meals and décor, sponsorships, and the South Dakota Made booths.  Contacted the regional tourism directors, made room assignments for sessions, reviewed AV equipment needs, etc.  Proofed registration flyer, which will be mailed in December, and which will be online at to download.

Sent information and application forms to the South Dakota Made businesses on Tourism’s database regarding booth space at the Conference. 

Drafted annual report, which will be distributed at the Conference, meetings and presentations throughout the year, and it will appear online at

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Updated the 2003 Tourism Assistance Directory, which will be distributed at the Conference.

Continued working on plans for the Farm/Ranch Workshop that will be held February 27 and 28.  Have reserved DDN sites across the state.  Workshop information will be sent via press releases to several organizations with newsletters, such as Chambers of Commerce, economic development offices, extension offices, and rural electric co-ops, and via Tourism’s e-mail database and Department of Agriculture’s e-mail database.

Spoke to directors of the state’s Resource, Conservation and Development (RC&D) districts about the workshop and topics that will be covered.  The RC&Ds are interested in becoming more involved in the Lewis and Clark activities and offered suggestions for the farm/ranch workshop. 

Presented information to a Bootstraps committee in Wall about farm/ranch diversification.  Distributed a variety of publications produced by Tourism and explained the Department’s marketing programs.  Members of the committee were interested in starting hunting lodges and bed and breakfast businesses.

Fulfilled requests for Tourism Assistance Directory and Farm/Ranch Vacation Resource Directory.

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Mailed Capitol Christmas preview videos and information to targeted TV stations and networks regarding the satellite feed.  Sent media alert by fax for the event.  Edited a clip to be put on  Shot footage of various activities, plus interviews with Pierre Chamber of Commerce representative and First Lady Mary Dean Janklow, to be used for the satellite feed.  Shot video of the lighting ceremony for uplink to media.

Gave interview to Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel regarding the Badlands.  The article appeared on their MSN web site and will be in the printed version next spring.

Interviewed and provided information to a Kansas City-based art magazine on Lewis and Clark sculptures. 

Discussed plans for Arbor Day tree planting with the National Tree Trust.

Provided information to the Small Business Development Center on tourism trends.  Fulfilled requests for information from American Heritage and Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

Began planning 2003 out-of-state media blitzes with Wyoming.  Will set up media appointments in targeted markets.

Continued working on aspects of the National Tourism Week’s “Have you been to…?” campaign, which includes print ads, billboards, buttons, flyers for Customer Service Training, banner, and game booklet.

Press hits with circulation and estimated ad equivalence include Midwest Living (825,278) with ad equivalence of $2,190; The Star, Chicago (47,636) with ad equivalence of $3,025; and SnoWest (150,000) two publications for ad equivalence of $30,020.  Total ad equivalence is $35,235.

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Continued proofing, designing, and formatting pages/sections of the Group Tour Planning Guide, which will be printed in January.

Fulfilled requests for information to Dave’s Tours and Fay Elliott, Texas; Travel Network of America, Florida; First Lutheran Church, Nebraska; Northland Tours, Iowa; Great Adventure Tours, Michigan; Betmer Tours, Group Travel Designers, and Motivation Nation, Illinois; Devore Group, Arkansas; Griffith Travel, Indiana; Greg Ruhberg, Ohio; North American Highways, United Kingdom; and Wentforth Print, New Zealand.

Attended National Tour Association (NTA) convention and met with 51 tour operators.  Held caucus meeting with 23 South Dakota suppliers who attended.  Helped tour operator plan three bicycle tours that include South Dakota. 

Researched and submitted 66 appointment requests for American Bus Association (ABA) Marketplace in February.  There will be 24 South Dakota delegates at marketplace to conduct appointments with tour operators. 

Sent information to South Dakota’s 69 NTA/ABA members offering an opportunity to attend TIA Pow Wow in St. Louis, Missouri, in May.   Sent 2002 NTA leads as well. 

Visited with representative from Manitoba Tourism about cross-selling the 2Nation tours at Information Centers.  Attended a meeting with representatives from the other 2Nation partners, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Manitoba, to finalize tour itineraries, ag tour information, events, notebooks, slides and descriptions, and mailing lists.  Will send additions and corrections for South Dakota itineraries to publishers of the booklet. 

Sent images of South Dakota’s portion of the Rocky Mountain International (RMI) Megafam to the Cheyenne office for development of a CD-ROM that will be sent to MegaFam participants to use to help sell the RMI region to their clients.  RMI is a marketing partnership with the states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, plus the gateway cities of Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Salt Lake City, and Spokane.

Contacted United Kingdom RMI office, asking that Vacation Guides be sent to Ireland for upcoming Holiday Show for distribution by Visit USA Committee in Ireland.

Sent Group Tour Co-op ad to 747 tour operators in our target markets.

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Fulfilled requests from AAA/CAA offices and independent travel agencies in California, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Have scheduled two seminars in Denver during the time we will be at a travel show.   

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Made numerous follow-up phone calls to adventure-related businesses regarding a free listing in the Adventure Travel Guide, which is produced in-house by Tourism.  Encoded information gathered from those that had responded. 

Completed revisions to Outdoor News, which will be mailed to approximately 3,000 outdoor writers and editors in December.  The newsletter contains story ideas and photos.

Hosted a pheasant hunt in northeast South Dakota.  Participants included a representative of Krause Publications and a freelancer; a writer with Racine Journal Times and Midwest Game; a representative of, Midwest Outdoors, Outdoor News, Game and Fish publications, and a freelancer; a book author and freelancer; and a freelance photographer/writer.  Hunters included a Pheasants Forever executive, and a member of the Pheasants Forever Board.

Hosted “A Dog’s Life” and “Benelli Outdoors” for upland bird and goose hunting in the Pierre area.  Shows will air spring, summer, and fall of 2003.  Eight shows were produced, most hosted by Jamison Parker.  Hosted crew from “Hunting Adventures TV” for upland bird hunting in central South Dakota.  Worked on lining up a winter goose hunt in the Pierre area for the show, as well.  Hosted a writer with Pointing Dog Journal and Retrieving Dog Journal for upland bird hunting.  Hosted a wrier with Shooting Sportsman on a grouse hunt near Vivian.  This writer is also authoring a hunting book.  Hosted the Outdoorsman Adventures television crew and a representative of the Outdoor Marketing Group on an archery deer hunt near Miller.

Lined up a hunt for a representative of Heartland USA in the Pierre area for waterfowl.

Interviewed and provided information to “News Hour with Jim Leary” program regarding pheasant hunting and the economics of it in our state.

Discussed marketing and show opportunities with Buck McNeely, host of the Outdoorsman television series.

Provided information to writer Tom Griffith on cross-country skiing in the Black Hills.

Continued working with Outdoorsman International on shows for next spring.  Shows will include hiking/biking and a spring turkey hunt, most likely in the Black Hills.

Continued working on birding trail fam to be held next spring.  Have four confirmed attendees.  Working with Alpen Optics and Outdoor Management Network on fam details.

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Designed and placed ad in December, January, February, and April issues of the Northern Plains and Rockies edition of Update magazine.  Ad features the Badlands as a filming location.

Assisted Disney Productions with their feature film Hidalgo, which shot in the Black Hills in November.  Filming is completed in South Dakota.

Contacted by a producer of the Dreamwork’s feature film Head of State, regarding follow-up information and pictures.

Contacted by producers working on a documentary. 

Participated in a conference call with staff members from Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho tourism offices regarding the co-op booth at Locations Expo and reception at the Sundance Film Festival.

Made calls to a company on behalf of a South Dakota business regarding payment for services on a commercial.

Received a call from a producer in New York who is working on a commercial.  Sent several location files and discussed Mount Rushmore National Monument.

Sent 2003-2004 film production guides to over 325 location scouts and producers in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the United States; and to film offices in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Colorado, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Mailed over 1,200 postcards to producers and location scouts on Tourism’s database, touting South Dakota as a film location.

Assisted a location scout with a production company in Los Angeles in finding rock climbing businesses in the Black Hills for a commercial.

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When comparing October 2002 car count over October 2001 at the Lewis and Clark Information Center, the numbers show: Overall car count was up 56.3 percent; car count for Canadian visitors was up 88.9 percent; and for all other international visitors, it was up 56 percent.  There were 20 motorcoaches/buses, and two of these were international.  Travel tape/CD rentals were up 32.7 percent.  The Center was open 13 days longer this year than last.

The total 2002 car count for the Information Center was up 22.3 percent over 2001, which is the largest car count since Tourism began keeping statistics in 1984.  There were 552 motorcoaches at the Information Centers in 2002, up slightly from 2001 (539).  There were 89 that were international.

The top 20 states for visitation at the Information Centers for 2002 were: 1) Minnesota, 2) South Dakota, 3) Iowa, 4) Wisconsin, 5) Illinois, 6) Nebraska, 7) Missouri, 8) Wyoming, 9) Michigan, 10) Washington, 11) California, 12) North Dakota, 13) Indiana, 14) Ohio, 15) Florida, 16) Texas, 17) Pennsylvania, 18) Colorado, 19) Montana, and 20) Kansas.

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For 2002, we currently have 738 individuals/businesses that have received recognition for hospitality with the Governor’s Certificate, 318 have received the foil star for a second recognition, and 182 have received a gold lapel pin for a third recognition.

Met with the Governor’s Tourism Advisory Board to review the George S. Mickelson Great Service STAR applications.

Notified 101 South Dakota businesses that qualified to use the Great Service Star designation for 2003.  Sent notification to those businesses that had not reapplied or were denied use of the Great Service Star in their places of business and in advertising. 

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Sent invoices to the 40 travel show co-op partners.  Sent letters to the partners who are working the Chicago, January 15-19, and Denver, January 23-26, shows.

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Total FY2003 Inquiries through 12-01-2002: 

Mail: 28,609
Internet (e-mail): 26,514
Phone:    8,035
Total: 63,158

Total FY2002 Inquiries through 12-01-2001:

Mail: 23,215
Internet (e-mail): 11,035
Phone:    8,021
Total: 42,271

This is an overall increase in inquiries of 49.4 percent over FY2002.  (This does not include hits/visits to Tourism’s Web site.)

Calculated number of page views at 372,517 on Tourism’s web site for the period of November 1-30, 2002, for a daily average of 12,417 over a 30-day period.  This compares to calculated page views of 266,210 for the period of November 1-30, 2001, (missing six days) for a daily average of 11,092 over a 24-day period.  This is an increase in daily average of page views of 12 percent over a comparable time period in 2001.  “Page views” represents the number of times each and every page within the web site is accessed

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Attended a grant writing workshop that focused on the National Park Service’s Lewis and Clark Challenge Cost Share grant.  There were 10 other people from South Dakota at the workshop.

Visited with an Arts Subcommittee member about plans for the Art Show/Auction for the Signature Event -- “Oceti Sakowin Experience: Remembering and Educating.”  Attended the Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates (ATTA) meeting to discuss ideas for the event: passport program, events for September 2004, and web site development.  A rack card has been designed and will be printed for distribution at the kick-off event to the celebration in Monticello, January 2003.

Submitted registrations for attending the Monticello event; sent information on the new Governor for the invitation; and received brochures from Springfield for South Dakota’s booth.

Set up e-mail group for the Circle of State Advisors.  Have received numerous messages requesting resolution on several issues.

Held statewide meeting for Corps of Rediscovery at Bob’s Resort near Gettysburg.  About 35 people attended.  David Borlaug briefed the group on the national plans and the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center in Washburn, North Dakota.  Craig McIntyre, Department of Transportation (DOT), reported on DOT’s five year plan and how it affects the area along the Lewis and Clark Trail.  Scheduled South Dakota Corps of Rediscovery statewide meetings for 2003: February meeting in Pierre at the Cultural Heritage Center, April meeting in Yankton, and the July meeting in Mobridge.

Met with a representative of the USDA about Soil Conservation’s role in the Bicentennial.

Sent updated information to the Lewis and Clark Travel Planner and Guide, published in Montana, and relayed information that was previously printed that is not accurate.

Will meet with the Sioux Falls Chamber in December, per their request, about their new Lewis and Clark Bicentennial planning subcommittee.

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Met with the new director of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe’s Game, Fish and Parks office in Eagle Butte.  Tourism offices are located in the same building.

Attended ATTA meeting in Eagle Butte.  Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Yankton Sioux Tribe, Oglala Sioux Tribe, Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, and the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe were represented at the meeting.

Finalized Guide to Indian Reservations and Art, which will be sent to the printer in December. 

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Fulfilled requests for slides to Department of Game, Fish and Parks, State Publishing Company, South Dakota Rural Electric Association, State Bar Association, and Governor’s Inn, Pierre; TDG Communications, Deadwood; Mount Rushmore National Memorial Society, Access Marketing, and Graphic Art and Creative Services, Rapid City; Mound City Chamber of Commerce; Henkin Schultz Communication Arts, Sioux Falls; South Dakota magazine, Yankton; Sisseton Area Chamber of Commerce; Chamberlain-Oacoma Chamber of Commerce; American Heritage and Audubon magazine, New York; Center for Free Cuba, Washington DC; Biodiversity Conservation Alliance, Wyoming; and Compass Point Books, Minnesota.

Wrote to people/publications that were delinquent on slide loans.  Many sets have been returned.

Fulfilled requests for video footage to “Believe It or Not,” TV show, California; Pheasants Forever, Minnesota; Louisiana Historical Society; KPI, New York; Rocky Trail Productions, Wisconsin; QVC, Pennsylvania; and Daktronics, VPS Productions, and Access Marketing, South Dakota.

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Identified remaining video needs, and set up shoots and interviews.

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Worked on draft of Lewis and Clark/South Dakota survey results.   

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Worked on cover and editorial section of the 2003 spring Giant Step insert, and sent mock-ups of ads to partners to proof and return to Tourism with changes.  The 4-color, 16-page booklet will be inserted in the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens, May issue of Country Home, May/June issue of Midwest Living, and June issues of Ladies Home Journal and More magazines, Meredith Company publications.  Spring Giant Step will be in 3.7 million magazines in our target market states of Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota, plus the metro areas of Kansas City, Missouri, and Dallas, Texas.  Spring 2002 Giant Step inserts were in 3.1 million magazines.

Worked on design of a full-page, 4-color birding ad for the spring 2003 issue of Audubon magazine for a five page co-op spread with Wyoming.

Obtained approval from partners in Wyoming and Montana for the 4Parks 2003 media buy.  Will place full page ad in March/April issue of AARP: The Magazine (west central); April issues of Readers’ Digest (Midwest) and Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel; May issues of Trailer Life and Sunset (Travel Directory); and May/June issues of AAA Home & Away (west split – selected states) and VIA.  Total circulation is 9,113,010.

Will place 4-color, full page Lewis and Clark ad in the February/March issue of American Heritage magazine.

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Began recording the snowatts line, which will give snow reports on areas across the state.

Contacted the surrounding states to request their snowmobile club mailing lists for use in our winter packet mailing.  Contacted the Deadwood Visitors Bureau to request their assistance with the winter vacation prize package.  Packets will include a postcard to return to request more information, a cover letter, “Romancing the Snow,” and a Snowmobile Trails Map.  Approximately 650 packets will be mailed by mid-December.

We are again partnering with the Deadwood Chamber and Visitors Bureau in a cooperative winter campaign.  The co-op uses direct mail, newspaper inserts, and newspaper ads to reach winter travelers from Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, and South Dakota.  In January, a four-page newspaper insert promoting Deadwood events, winter vacation packages, and will be placed in newspapers in Fort Collins and Greeley, Colorado; Casper, Wyoming; Bismarck and Dickinson, North Dakota; Billings, Montana; Marshall, Albert Lea, Worthington, and Mankato, Minnesota; and Aberdeen and Sioux Falls. The insert will be complemented with a 12-week run of newspaper ads in all markets, with newspaper ad plan to be finalized.

The print piece will be used as a marketing tool beyond the co-op campaign.  Deadwood C&VB will print a slightly different version of the insert and use as a direct mailer that announces the dates of the SnoCross Shootout in January.  It will be mailed to snowmobile fans in the upper Midwest in early December.  Tourism will also use the insert as a direct mailer with a custom message about vacation packages listed on  That piece will be mailed to consumers on our inquiry database in January.  Finally, hoteliers in Deadwood will use yet another version of the insert as a direct mailer for their own campaigns throughout the winter.  All versions will carry an ad from Tourism that promotes vacation packages listed on

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Worked with local contacts to design city ads/pages in the Vacation Guide.

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There are about 150 preferred partners on the web co-op, which is part of the Visitor Services Directory (VSD) on  The preferred partner pays a fee to have two 360 degree photos in addition to contact information, which all listings have.  VSD has 4,305 listings.

The 2003 Events Calendar contains 538 tourism-related events on a searchable database on  Event listings are submitted by local committees/contacts to Tourism.

There are 48 online vacation packages on  Packages must contain at least one activity with lodging, plus price and dates of availability.  They are compiled and priced by partners and submitted to Tourism for a listing at a fee of $35 per package.  Tourism places ads in magazines, such as Midwest Living, National Parks, AAA Home and Away, SnowGoer, and Travel America, and in newspapers on a weekly basis in the surrounding states and in-state to drive consumers to the web site.  Sent forms and information to visitor industry members to solicit winter vacation packages for placement on  Sent new packages to to be listed.

Updated Lewis and Clark site on with new map, photos, and two new pages; added 50 photos to Photo Gallery; removed Fall Foliage; and updated Great Events and Fuel Facts.  Worked with consultant to make additions to and; compressed Capitol Christmas video and added to; and designed and sent an “open year-round” message to over 80,000 Travelsmart subscribers.

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Conducted Board meeting in Mitchell.  Board sub-committees were briefed and offered input on Customer Service and the Lewis and Clark promotions.  Customer Service sub-committee made recommendations for the 2003 training seminars.

Board discussed nominations and voted on recommendations for the Ben Black Elk Award and the A.H. Pankow Award.  Board also reviewed applications for the George S. Mickelson Great Service Award and voted on their recommendation.  All will be presented at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism during the banquet on Thursday, January 23. 

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Yesterday’s Tomorrows, March 18-April 19, Madison; April 29-May 31, Chamberlain; June 10-July 7, Belle Fourche; July 22-August 23, Hill City; September 2-October 4, Deadwood; October 14-November 15, Redfield, and November 25-December 23, Pierre: Have received 35 entries for the Yesterday’s Tomorrows Creative Writing Contest.  Winner will be announced in December. 

Frontier Days, August 16-18, White River: Received evaluation from organizers and two of 14 sent to local businesses.  Organizers reported that attendance exceeded expectations, even though records had not been kept in previous years.  The attendance for the 2002 two-day rodeo was reported at 2,400, and the Mud Races had 800 attendees.  Mellette County News covered the event.  States represented were Minnesota, Iowa, New Mexico, Maryland, Texas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Illinois, Florida, Kansas, and South Dakota.  One business estimated a 10 percent increase in customers, and the other reported a 20 percent decrease in customers.

Lewis and Clark Heritage Days, August 17-18 and 22, Elk Point: Received evaluation from organizers and two of 13 sent to local businesses.  Organizers said that having re-enactors from St. Louis was beneficial, as attendance met their expectations with 600 people at the event.  Attendees were from Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and England.  One business reported a 40 percent increase in customers, and the other one reported a 15 percent increase.

Lewis and Clark Spirit Mound Festival, August 24-25, Vermillion: Working on final report.

Mickelson Trail Trek, September 20-22, Black Hills: Received evaluation reports from organizer and 11 of 80 sent to businesses on the trail.  Organizer reported registrations of 230, down from 241 in 2001.  Twenty states were represented: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, and South Dakota.  Organizer reported that web site advertising was their most successful tool.  Event was covered by KNBN-TV in Rapid City and Custer County Chronicle.  Evaluation forms from businesses reflected varying reports, from a five percent decrease in business, to the same amount of business as last year, to a 30 percent increase over 2001.

South Dakota Highland Festival, September 14, Scotland: Received evaluation reports from organizer as well as six of 11 sent to local businesses.  Organizer reported that attendance increased over 2001 by about 25 percent.  Attendees were from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Canada.  Mitchell Daily Republic and the Scotland Journal covered the event.  Four of the reporting businesses said they had an increase in business, and two reported decreases.

St. Joseph Indian School Days/Pow Wow, September 27-28, Chamberlain: Received evaluation forms from organizers and three of 20 sent to local businesses.  Organizers reported that they had a 20 percent increase in attendance, but they said the increase was more likely due to their mailings to their benefactors than to Tourism’s promotions.  Attendees were from 30 states.  One business representative was unsure about whether or not their business experienced an increase or decrease, one reported a five percent increase, and the other reported an increase.

Black Hills Pow Wow, October 11-13, Rapid City: Working on report.

Ringneck Festival, November 8-9, Huron: Sent 50 evaluation forms to local organizers and area businesses.


Siouxland Renaissance Festival, June 7-8, Sioux Falls: Discussed promotional efforts with local committee. 

Wild Bill Hickok Days, June 13-15, Deadwood: Contacted local committee regarding their selection and asked to be notified of their first meeting date.

Indian Day Celebration Pow Wow, June 20-22, Wagner: Contacted local committee regarding their selection.  Will attend their first meeting in December.

Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo, June 27-29, Clear Lake: Met with local committee.  Worked on marketing plan and budget.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant, July 11-13, 18-20, and 25-27, De Smet: Contacted local committee regarding their selection and asked to be notified of their first meeting date.

Burke Stampede Rodeo, July 11-13, Burke: Will attend meeting when notified by the local committee. 

Frontier Days, August 15-17, White River: Met with local committee to discuss promotions.  Drafted marketing plan. 

Lewis and Clark Heritage Days, August 16-17 and 22, Elk Point: Met with local committee.  They recommended a change to the 2002 marketing plan – to add radio advertising to the media mix.

Harley Davidson’s 100th Anniversary Celebrations, August 23-25, I-90 Corridor: Met with representatives from Sturgis, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls.  Committee members represent H-D dealerships, Sioux Falls CVB, Rapid City CVB, City of Sturgis, Champion Rally Productions, and Tourism.  Provided copy for web site and researched advertising opportunities for the event, which includes billboards, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, and flyers.

Great Black Hills Quilt Show and Sale, September 7-10, Hill City: Contacted local committee regarding their selection and asked to be notified of their first meeting date.

Mickelson Trail Trek, September 19-21, Custer: Researched magazine advertising costs.  Will attend the meeting planned for January.

Corn Palace Polka Festival, September 19-21, Mitchell: Met with local committee to discuss promotions.  Worked on marketing plan.

Webster Area Pumpkin Festival, October 10-11, Webster: Contacted local committee regarding their selection and asked to be notified of their first meeting date

Sacagawea Unity Fest, October 10-11, Mobridge: Contacted local committee to explain the Great Events campaign and the promotions in which we can become involved.  Will attend their first meeting in December.

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Deadwood gaming revenue deposited for October 2002 was up 7.6 percent at $179,166, as compared to $166,560 for October 2001.  The tourism tax deposited for October 2002 was up 3.7 percent at $403,212, compared to $388,647 for October 2001.  Revenue deposits for the Department for FY2003 are $3,760,565, as compared to $3,389,355 for FY2002.  This is an increase in revenue of 10.95 percent when comparing the same time period in FY2002.

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