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Monthly Reports: May 2002

May 2002

MEMORANDUM TO: Governor William J. Janklow

DATE: June 10, 2002

FROM: Patricia Van Gerpen

SUBJECT: Tourism’s May Monthly Status Report

You may download and print the entire May report in Adobe Acrobat (PDF).


Rural Tourism Development
Public Relations

Group Tour
Film Office
Information Centers
Lewis and Clark Promotions
Native American Tourism
Travel News Television
World Wide Web
Target Market Advertising
Mount Rushmore Independence Day Celebration
Great Events
Department Funding


Fulfilled request for farm/ranch information for a ranch in the Glacial Lakes and Prairies region.

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Completed radio interviews in Rapid City, Pierre, Winner, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Watertown, and Aberdeen during National Tourism Week (NTW) to help promote the role that Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB) play in contributing to the growth of the visitor industry in their respective cities. Appeared on KOTA TV in Rapid City and KELO TV in Sioux Falls to promote tourism, and was interviewed via phone by KDLT TV. Produced radio and television spots and sent press releases, which were localized for each CVB. A statewide press release, fast fact information, and a quiz were e-mailed, mailed, and faxed to media representatives and members of the visitor industry before, after, and during NTW. Drafted survey for each CVB to complete. A final report on NTW will be compiled from completed surveys. Winners of the NTW quiz were given prizes of backpacks and T-shirts. Attended annual Sioux Falls CVB luncheon and literature swap during NTW.

Will create a CD-ROM version of the press kit, with plans for a CD of photos as the first step. Researched details such as resolution and file size limits.

Interviewed by Sioux Falls Argus Leader and the Madison Daily Leader newspapers regarding the upcoming travel season.

Interviewed by the National Examiner for an article on traveling to places with historical significance.

Prepared lodging, activities, and tours for a representative of Travel Radio International. His story will focus on Native American culture.

Contacted public relations firms in New York regarding a possible media blitz in 2003.

Fulfilled requests from Trailer Boat magazine, St. Paul Pioneer Press,

Williston Herald, Federal Reserve in Minneapolis, Midwest Living, Omaha World-Herald, Jewish Exponent in Pennsylvania, and Literary Travels in Georgia.

Press hits with circulation and estimated ad equivalence include Rapid City Journal (35,465) four articles for a total ad equivalence of $6,225; Watertown Public Opinion (web); Mitchell Daily Republic (web); Pierre Capital Journal (4,864) with ad equivalence of $420; Sioux Falls Argus Leader (73,167) with ad equivalence of $3,650; Aberdeen American News (18,000) two articles for a total ad equivalence of $12,234; South Dakota magazine (37,000) with ad equivalence of $500; Journal-Topics newspaper, Illinois (82,900) with ad equivalence of $1,175; and National Examiner, California (589,390) with ad equivalence of $5,000. Total ad equivalence is $29,204.

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Hosted 13 tour operators from Texas, Maine, Oregon, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Alberta, Canada, on the "Wagons West! Circle Tour" in eastern South Dakota. Stops included Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Huron, Aberdeen, Roslyn, Fort Sisseton, Watertown, De Smet, Brookings, Madisonís Prairie Village, and Flandreau. Sent notes to the 47 hosts of the tour.

Selected photos for dividers and other inside pages for the Group Tour Planning Guide and continued to update listings. Compiled survey results from tour operators regarding the layout of the guide and sent results to the Rapid City CVB and Black Hills, Badlands and Lakes Association.

Sent requested information to Showtime Tour, Inc., Ken Snyder, and Crossroads Bus Charters, Illinois; Curran Travel, Pennsylvania; Signature Service Travel, Tennessee; Paragon Tours, Massachusetts; Happy Wanderers, South Carolina; Soar Tours, Minnesota; Terra Indiana, California; White Owl Tours, Manitoba; Ranier Hoeh and TaBu Travel, Germany; Anita Anna Jonsdottir, Iceland; American Embassy, Ecuador; Travelnet, Columbia; S.I.J., Spain; Hotelplan, Italy; and Amerika As You Like and Ranch Rider, United Kingdom.

Sent press kit to Leisure Group Travel magazine (Premier Tourism marketing, Inc.) for features on soft adventure and Native American culture. Contacted officials at Mount Rushmore National Memorial regarding a possible story by the Sunday Times, United Kingdom.

Attended Travel Industry Association of Americaís Pow Wow marketplace with six other representatives from South Dakota and met with approximately 80 tour operators.

Sent Rocky Mountain International (RMI) Roundup lead information to 598 South Dakota suppliers

Met with tourism office representatives from North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba regarding the 2Nation Tours and worked on tour itinerary details for the signature tour as well as tours for wildlife, heritage, gardens and wines, Native American, and Lewis and Clark. Compiled a list of events and agriculture sites for a tour. Discussed upcoming legislatorsí forum, itinerary changes and formats, and tour operator mailings. Drafted sample logo designs for use during legislator forum presentation in May in Minneapolis.

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Fulfilled requests for travel information from AAA/CAA offices and independent travel agencies in Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, South Dakota, and Manitoba.

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Met with planning committee for Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) conference, to be held in September in Sioux Falls. Worked on itineraries for pre- and post-trips for participants. Submitted stories on the Lewis and Clark Trail, hiking, biking, and fishing to Horizons, the AGLOW publication.

Fulfilled inquiries from spring 2002 Outdoor News mailing.

Assisted with the Wal-Mart RCL Fishing Tournament held in Pierre.

Fulfilled media requests from Outdoor News, Outdoorsman Adventures, Focus Outdoors, Gun Dog, and Wildfowl.

Coordinated details for a fall grouse hunting trip for a writer with Shooting Sportsman.

Sent a follow up letter to Bobís Resort, Gettysburg, for the fishing trip provided for the winner of the fishing postcard drawing. Sent confirmation letter to the winner from Minnesota.

Press hit with circulation and estimated ad value include Wisconsin Outdoor News (39,000) with ad equivalence of $2,518.

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Working with Disney Productions on a feature film. Filming is scheduled to take place in December. Sent plat maps, topographical maps, government contacts from that area, and crew/contact lists. Also sent another batch of location files as the location manager was back in South Dakota scouting for a period town.

Contacted by an Indianapolis film contact regarding a documentary about Sturgis and the Black Hills. Weíve been working with this group for a year.

Sent press release regarding the Oscar Micheaux Film Festival and the call for independent films/filmmakers to approximately 40 filmmakers and production companies across South Dakota. Responded to inquiries for this part of the event.

Worked with Eddie Yaroch, director and producer of Class President, on plans for a July premiere.

Placed ads in Shoot magazine, Kemps, LA 411, and NY 411.

Contacted by a film production studio regarding a project. Sent digital pictures of buffalo ranches. Gave him names of location scouts.

Contacted about a television show to be aired on the Public Broadcast System. Provided background information on the program to the property owners in the state for the site being considered.

Continued to work on getting the site up and running.

Proofed copy and pulled additional photos to complete preparations before sending the 2002-2003 Film Office Production Guide to print.

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Completed training tour for Interstate Information Centersí travel counselors. Counted license plates from 47 states as the tour continued across the state.

Installed fax machines and instructed staff on their use at all ten staffed Information Centers.

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Evaluated travel-related businessesí comment cards and nomination forms for the Governorís Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Hospitality. For 2002, 215 have received the Governorís Certificate, 59 have received a gold foil star, and 29 have received a gold lapel pin.

Registered 528 individuals for the Customer Service Training for front-line employees on June 3 in Watertown, June 5 in Custer, June 6 in Deadwood, and June 7 in Rapid City.

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Total FY2002 Inquiries through 06-01-2002: 

Mail: 61,500
Internet (e-mail): 66,275
Phone:   46,531
Total: 174,306

Total FY2001 Inquiries through 06-01-2001:

Mail: 97,292
Internet (e-mail): 39.533
Phone:   72,698
Total: 209,523


This is an overall decrease in inquiries of 16.8 percent over FY2001. (This does not include hits/visits to Tourismís Web site.)

Calculated number of page views at 642,709 on Tourismís web site for the period of May l-31, 2002, (missing four days) for a daily average of 24,720 over a 26-day period. This compares to calculated page views of 625,045 for the period of May 1-31, 2001, (missing three days) for a daily average of 22,323 over a 28-day period. This is an increase in daily average of page views of 10.7 percent over a comparable time period in 2001. "Page views" represents the number of times each and every page within the web site is accessed.

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Sent prizes to the top five Lewis and Clark (L&C) Essay Contest winners (fourth graders), certificates to all participants, and pencils and letters to all participating teachers. The first place winner was from Sioux Falls, and other winners were from Vermillion, Brookings, Huron, and Freeman. Sent press release to the Argus Leader, as well as to the winnerís hometown newspaper. Placed winning essay on and, the web site of South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Essay will be broadcast on South Dakota Public Radio.

Met with copy/associate editor for Home and Away magazine at the L&C Information Center and gave her a tour and media kit for a story on which she is working.

The National Park Service grants for L&C projects were announced last month. A total of $290,000 for South Dakota projects was granted out of $3,104,135 in requests. The communities and organizations are waiting to receive their letters of confirmation from the National Park Service.

During the national L&C meeting in Idaho in April, a subcommittee of Midwest trail states was formed. This subcommittee met to discuss joint promotions. A plan of action will be mapped out for the promotional ideas at the next meeting in June in Omaha. States involved in this group are Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota

Drafted information for the Department of Game, Fish and Parksí summer program interpreters on L&C, per their request.

Spoke to the Mobridge City Council about L&C Bicentennial plans.

The Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates (ATTA) has been approved for a grant of $100,000 to plan a signature event that is to include all South Dakota tribes. ATTA has tentatively set the dates for this event as August 28 through September 12, 2004, with the kickoff at the Circle of Tipis, to be completed, near Oacoma. Mailed 35 letters to interested groups and all tribes with a proposal on setting up a planning committee. The first meeting of the planning committee was held in Lower Brule the end of May.

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Spoke at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Tourism Conference in Fort Yates. About 30 people, including presenters, were in attendance.

Attended the Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates meeting in Kyle. Much of the focus of this meeting was on planning the Lewis and Clark signature event.

Attended the Native American Scenic Byway meeting in Lower Brule.

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Fulfilled photo requests from Comprehensive Media Group, State Bar Association, Department of Game, Fish and Parks, State Publishing, South Dakota Nurses Association, and South Dakota Historical Society, Pierre; Culey Marketing, Teryl Cruse, and Graphics City, Rapid City; Vermillion Chamber of Commerce; Custer State Park; South Dakota magazine, Yankton; The Empire Mall, Sioux Falls; TDG Communications, Deadwood; Stephanie Flood, New York; Premier Tourism Marketing, Illinois; McLarran and Williams, Maryland; Dallas Morning News, Texas; SYZYGY Research and Technology, Alberta; and Rocky Mountain International, United Kingdom.

Fulfilled video requests from Daksoft, Rapid City; South Dakota State University Extension Service, Brookings; KSFY-TV and KELO-TV, Sioux Falls; KNBN, Rapid City; KSNF-TV, Missouri; and Authentic Entertainment, California. Gave permission to Alpha Omega Publications, Arizona, to reuse video.

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Designed tent cards to fit patriotic tone of the video, Great Stories of South Dakota, with short segments about places, traditions, and events across the state. There are 113 partners (mostly lodging properties) with in-house cable systems, and 10 of these are cable access stations across the state.

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Monitored the new Visitor Services Directory that was put online in early May. Worked on iPIX photo appointments for 48 sites/partners. Will confirm time with each participating web partner.

Encoded four new vacation packages to for a total of 51 packages online.

Continued to add events to Calendar of Events, which includes approximately 600 listings at this time.

Checked three different phrases on eight leading search engines with the goal of having appear in the top three referenced slots.

Sent "Lewis & Clark" inspired Travelsmart to approximately 68,000 permission e-mail addresses.

Requested Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT) to renew registration of Also registered four new domains for new promotions

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The last magazines in which Giant Step inserts were placed were June issues of Ladiesí Home Journal and More, both on sale in May. This completes the list of five magazines used to place Giant Step for a reach of 3.1 million subscribers.

The Great Getaways inserts were placed in 14 newspapers in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Nebraska. The last placement will be in June in the Argus Leader. This will complete placements for this eight-page, full-color, tabloid-style marketing piece for a total reach of one million readers.

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Requested travel guides from all 50 states to research methods used to receive/respond to callersí requests for travel information and the time frame between a call and the arrival of the packet.

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Summer interns include: Nicole Smith, web, Black Hills State University; Stacey Stoddard, photography, Northern State University; Molly Weisgram, public relations, University of South Dakota; and Jennifer Campbell, videography, Waldorf College, Iowa.

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Attended committee meeting. Designed poster to promote the celebration. Posters will be distributed by the Black Hills, Badlands and Lakes Association, Rapid City CVB, and the Department of Tourism.

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Yesterdayís Tomorrows, March 18-April 19, Madison; April 29-May 31, Chamberlain; June 10-July 7, Belle Fourche; July 22-August 23, Hill City; September 2-October 4, Deadwood; October 14-November 15, Redfield, and November 25-December 23, Pierre: Received event lapel pins, which will be worn by Information Center travel counselors. Will place essay contest rules on, and place contest information at the exhibit locations. The creative writing contest begins May 31 and ends December 16, 2002, with the announcement of the winner and awarding of the $1,000 prize. It is open to legal residents of South Dakota, with some state government employees and their families excluded from entering, as noted in the contest rules.

Wild Bill Days, June 14-16, Deadwood: Drafted script for radio spot which will run June 4-13 on KASS in Wyoming, KCAD and KZRX in North Dakota, and KNEB, KOOQ, KLEN, KQSK, and KAAQ in Nebraska. Placed ads in six newspapers in Nebraska and Wyoming to run in June. Sent poster to local committee for distribution.

Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo, June 28-30, Clear Lake: Sent postcards to 500 bus tour companies in Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and South Dakota, plus about 2,000 to leads from AAA Home & Away, Motorhome, Coast-To-Coast, and Budget Travel magazines, and inquiries from Giant Step from Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and South Dakota. Placed ads in Minnesota and Nebraska newspapers. Radio spots will run in Minnesota and Iowa.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant, June 28-30, July 5-7, and July 12-14, De Smet: Sent postcards to 500 group tour companies in Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and South Dakota, and 2,000 to AAA Home & Away, Motorhome, Coast-To-Coast, and Budget Travel magazine leads, as well as to Giant Step inquiries from Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and South Dakota. Drafted copy for print and broadcast ads. Placed ads in Mansfield Mirror, Mankato Free Press, and Albert Lea Tribune newspapers in Minnesota and Sioux City Journal newspaper in Iowa.

Oscar Micheaux Film Festival, August 7-11, Gregory: Received tentative schedule from local committee and updated event information on Will draft poster design with schedule and forward to local committee for approval. Drafted copy for print and broadcast ads.

Frontier Days, August 16-18, White River: Placed ad in Western Horseman. Sent poster design to local committee for approval.

Lewis and Clark Heritage Days, August 17-18 and 22, Elk Point: Will attend local committee meeting in June. Worked on items for media teasers.

Lewis and Clark Spirit Mound Festival, August 24-25, Vermillion: Finalized marketing plan.

Mickelson Trail Trek, September 20-22, Black Hills: Will send posters and registration forms to bike clubs and shops in June. Will send media teasers and information to selected media in June.

South Dakota Highland Festival, September 14, Scotland: Drafted copy for print and broadcast ads. Placed ad in July/August issues of The Highlander and Scottish Banner, and August issue of Scottish Life.

St. Joseph Indian School Days/Pow Wow, September 27-28, Chamberlain: Received an updated schedule of events from local committee and placed on Drafted copy for classified ad.

Black Hills Pow Wow, October 11-13, Rapid City: Drafted copy for travel directory ad.

Ringneck Festival, November 8-9, Huron: Drafted copy for print and broadcast ads. Placed ad in Midwest Outdoors magazine and an ad will be placed in Wing & Shot.

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Deadwood gaming revenue deposited for Tourism for April 2002 was up 12.9 percent at $141,293, compared to $125,153 for April 2001. The tourism tax deposited for April 2002 was up 5.1 percent at $159,744, as compared to $151,959 for April 2001. Revenue deposits for the Department for FY2002 are up at $5,303,018, as compared to $5,109,553 for FY2001, showing an overall increase of 3.8 percent.

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