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Monthly Reports: June 2002

June 2002

MEMORANDUM TO: Governor William J. Janklow

DATE: July 5, 2002

FROM: Patricia Van Gerpen

SUBJECT: Tourism’s June Monthly Status Report

You may download and print the entire June report in Adobe Acrobat (PDF).


Public Relations

Group Tour
Film Office
Information Centers
Travel Shows

Lewis and Clark Promotions
Native American Tourism
Travel News Television
World Wide Web
Target Market Advertising
State Fair
Governor's Tourism Advisory Board
Governor's Buffalo Roundup and Governor's Invitational Pheasant Hunt
Great Events

Department Funding


Developed media plan for the Mount Rushmore Independence Day Celebration.

Worked with officials from Mount Rushmore National Memorial Society, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and various organizations in the Black Hills to discuss an alternative to the fireworks display. Coordinated location of the satellite truck and camera placements, and developed backup plan with company providing satellite truck.

Notified Information Center, phone center, and Mall of America staff of changes with entertainment at Mount Rushmore for July 3 and 4.

Reviewed photos and cutlines for the photo CD-ROM.

Interviewed by New York University, AdFacts, Advance News magazine, Wall Street Journal, New York; Pennsylvania Jewish Traveler; The Weekender, Iowa; Omaha World Herald, Nebraska; Yankton Press and Dakotan, Argus Leader, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, South Dakota; and Economist of London.

Provided information and a video tape of Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the Black Hills to ABC, as they plan to use footage during a primetime special on July 4.

Participated in a South Dakota Public Radio broadcast that focused on travel in the state.

Worked with Westwood Radio to market special newspaper inserts in major markets, including Denver and Omaha. Worked with the Travel Channel on a "behind the scenes" attraction show that will air this fall.

Worked with Newsradio in Florida on a South Dakota vacation giveaway promotion, which will be on air from July 14-20.

Responded to requests for information from Merion Publications, Pennsylvania; The China Press, New York; Van Ness Films, California; Norm Zeigler, Florida; Ruth Hill, Virginia; Vitality magazine, Massachusetts; Colleen Hayes, Kansas; and Pamela Christie, Ontario.

Press hits with circulation and estimated ad value include: Sioux Falls Argus Leader (73,167) with ad equivalence of $3,066; Pierre Capital Journal (4,864) with ad equivalence of $56; and Rapid City Journal (35,465) with ad equivalence of $496. Total ad value: $3,618.

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Continued to work on updates for the Group Tour Planning Guide. Will send copies of partner listings for them to proof. Chose slides for divider pages, welcome page, and covers. Have begun proofing/editing other sections. Updated itineraries and wrote copy for byways section.

Have 20 partners for the group tour co-op ad from the state’s 64 National Tour Association and American Bus Association members who are eligible. Will place co-op ad in October issues of Courier and the Western USA and Canadian editions of Group Tour magazine. Ad will also be sent via direct mail to approximately 3,200 group tour operators.

Received 1,895 consumer requests for information on motorcoach tours to South Dakota via a coupon in the Giant Step. This coupon reached approximately 3.1 million households through magazine distributions. Sent those requests/leads to tour operators in 19 states, based on states that generated the inquiries, including South Dakota.

Sent 130 international leads to 598 South Dakota suppliers. Leads were gathered from appointments that representatives in the South Dakota booth (75) and Rocky Mountain International booth (55) had with international tour operators during the Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) Pow Wow.

Contacted by Sioux Falls CVB and discussed how to keep the business of a particular tour operator who brings frequent tours to Sioux Falls.

Interviewed by a journalist from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader on international travel to South Dakota.

Finalized arrangements for July tour for Country Heritage Tours, Missouri.

Sent requested information to Lamers Tour & Travel, Wisconsin; Yankee Trails, New York; BTM Travel Group and Superior Holidays, Florida; Jane’s Journeys, Capitol Tours, and CITM, Illinois; Daniel Colvin, Minnesota; Lakefront Lines, Ohio; Ambler Tours, California; Curran Travel, Pennsylvania; Gold Star Travel, Indiana; New Horizons Tour & Travel, Michigan; Bluebird Seniors, Virginia; Gray Line of the Black Hills; American & Worldwide Travel Adventures and Premier Holidays, United Kingdom; Jose Rodriguez, Peru; Marie Lazarcikova, Czech Republic; and American Travel Service, Norway.

Worked on 2 Nation signature tour involving sites in Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba, and South Dakota and returned to respective partners for comments.

Updated both the South Dakota section and itinerary section of the Rocky Mountain International’s "Real America Guide" that is distributed in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Benelux, and Italy. Partner states include Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and South Dakota, plus the gateway cities of Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Salt Lake City, and Spokane.

Wrote itinerary for July hosting for journalists who are writing articles for two publications: e Lugohi and Camper/Caravan. Planned fam for August for Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Germany.

Sent requested information to journalist from Germany for his trip to the United States; Joan Nickles, Italy, who attended the Buffalo Roundup last year and is writing a book on South Dakota; and editors of ABTA magazine (travel industry), United Kingdom.

Working on fams/hostings for September – October: Visit USA fam (postponed from April); RMI Megafam; and journalists Bruno Bartolucci, Italy, Jean-Pierre Sylvestre, Canada, and Axel Pinck, Geo Saison magazine, Germany.

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Fulfilled requests for information from 17 AAA offices and independent travel agencies in California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Sent invitations to 250 AAA clubs in the United States for the "It’s America." familiarization tour planned for September. The tour will start in Sioux Falls and end in Rapid City. Tentative city and tour highlights include: Sioux Falls, Yankton, Mitchell, Chamberlain, Lewis and Clark Information Center, Badlands National Park, Wall Drug Store, Wall, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park, Lead, and Deadwood.

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Provided information to Focus Outdoors, as they plan to film a waterfowl hunt this fall. Provided information and photographs to a representative of Cabela’s.

Lined up bass fishing trip for a writer for Field and Stream on Lewis and Clark Lake. Lined up grouse hunting trip for a writer for Shooting Sportsman. Worked on details of a trip for a freelancer for Gray’s Sporting Journal for a pheasant, duck, walleye, and salmon trip this fall near Gettysburg.

Worked on details of a trip for an author team for dove hunting near Sioux Falls this fall. They plan to publish a book in early 2003.

Began planning spring 2003 birding fam. Have researched and compiled an invitation list and selected places to visit. Will send invitation letters in July. Met representatives from the Department of Game, Fish and Parks, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and an independent resident in regard to creating a birding trail in the state. The first portion of the trail will be in northeast South Dakota. A steering committee involving these agencies will decide the next steps.

Attended Outdoor Writers Association of America conference. While there, hosted various organizations including Realtree, Georgia; Bug-out Outdoorwear, Knight Rifles, Iowa; Walker’s Game Ear, Pennsylvania; Pheasants Forever, Minnesota; and numerous writers and editors.

Met with planning committee for Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference, to be held in September in Sioux Falls. Working on Tourism Day activities and shooting skills day.

Brainstormed ideas and developed timeline for updating the Adventure Guide, a booklet produced by the Department of Tourism. Listings in this guide continue to be free. It is distributed at travel shows and by special requests.

Fulfilled requests for hunting and fishing information.

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Proofed final draft of the Film Office Film/Video Production Guide.

Sent 2,500 film office postcards to producers and location scouts touting locations in the state.

Contacted by a representative of "Great Scenic Train Journeys" regarding sponsorship of their TV program, as shooting hinges on sponsorship dollars. In further discussions with Tourism staff, attraction owners, and South Dakota Public Television, we decided to pass on this opportunity.

Contacted by a representative of a Los Angeles film house regarding a documentary they are producing on American presidents. They plan to shoot Mount Rushmore and Lewis and Clark Trail footage in South Dakota.

Met with an Indianapolis, Indiana, film producer who was in South Dakota shooting footage for a documentary about tourism and the Sturgis Rally.

Fulfilled special requests to companies from Los Angeles – a production company regarding a car commercial

and photo files, another company for crew list and a production guide, and another for a crew in Sioux City; New York – Dateline-NBC regarding crew and a shoot and another regarding crew for a commercial in Sioux Falls; Michigan – for a crew in Sioux Falls; Iowa – regarding a video shoot in Pierre; and National Geographic regarding a crew for a shoot.

Contacted by a filmmaker in Rapid City regarding a feature to be filmed in South Dakota, looking for financial assistance.

Contacted by a production company contact regarding the Micheaux Festival and assistance from the film office. Sent crew listing forms as well as contact information on the festival.

A location manager for a major film project was again in the state scouting.

Have been in contact with Eddie Yaroch regarding the premiere of his film Class President. Contacted Chris Eyre regarding the premiere of the feature Skins.

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Car count for the month of May 2002 was up 45.6 percent over May 2001; for Canadian visitors, it was up 46.7 percent; and for all other international visitors, car count was up 4.8 percent. Greeted 43 motorcoaches/buses in May, and eight of these were international.

Travel tape and CD rentals for May 2002 were up 103 percent over May 2001.

Sent requested information to Mitchell Daily Republic for article on the Lewis and Clark (L&C) Information Center, to be published in August. Its readers voted the Center as the most scenic spot in the region.

Met with representative of the Department of Transportation, Mitchell office, regarding an exterior sign at the L&C Information Center.

Received 358 comment cards. Following are comments by visitors:

"Staff member "Hazel" is my ideal travel center guide. Welcoming, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and enthusiastic. Display is outstanding." Grand Ledge, MI, May 31

"We have stopped at several of your I-90 rest areas from Rapid City and all have been outstanding." Kirkland, WA, June 12

Researched status of Independence Day celebrations throughout the state and faxed to Information Centers. Will continue to fax updates.

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Evaluated travel-related businesses’ comment cards and nomination forms for the Governor’s Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Hospitality. To date, we have recognized 306 individuals/businesses with the Governor’s Certificate of Hospitality, 128 have received the foil star for a second recognition, and 64 have received a gold lapel pin for a third recognition.

Coordinated training for 585 people at twelve customer service seminars. The seminars were designed with separate presentations for people in the restaurant, front-desk, and attractions/gaming sectors. Held seminars in Custer (167 people), Watertown (123 people), Deadwood (154 people), and Rapid City (141 people).

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Sent evaluations to the representatives who worked the Milwaukee and Minneapolis shows, as well as to the 37 travel show co-op partners.

Worked on gathering 2001 statistics for Top 20 States’ Visitation from organizations and attractions across the state.

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Total FY2002 Inquiries through 07-01-2002: 

Mail: 66,868
Internet (e-mail): 79,523
Phone:   56,549
Total: 202,940

Total FY2001 Inquiries through 07-01-2001:

Mail: 109.549
Internet (e-mail): 45,608
Phone:   89,256
Total: 244,405


This is an overall decrease in inquiries of 17 percent over FY2001. (This does not include hits/visits to Tourism’s Web site.)

Calculated number of page views at 863,658 on Tourism’s web site for the period of June 1-30, 2002, (missing one day) for a daily average of 29,781 over a 29-day period. This compares to calculated page views of 658,810 for the period of May 27-June 30, 2001, (missing one day) for a daily average of 19,377 over a 34-day period. This is an increase in daily average of page views of 53.7 percent over a comparable time period in 2001. "Page views" represents the number of times each and every page within the web site is accessed.

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Signature Event planning is underway. The event is named "Oceti Sakowin Experience: Remembering and Educating," and is scheduled to take place August 27 through September 26, 2004, with the kickoff event on August 27-28 in Chamberlain/Oacoma. Sent slides for the National Council’s Signature Event web page. Will complete revisions of the state’s L&C Trail map/brochure prior to the Monticello Signature Event kickoff in January 2003 for the L&C Bicentennial. Met with writer from Smithsonian Magazine regarding a story she is writing on the various states’ Signature Events for a special edition of the magazine.

Met with a representative of the Sioux Falls CVB about their participation in the Lewis and Clark (L&C) Bicentennial. Will attend their August CVB meeting to discuss L&C projects and how they can become involved.

Sent 1999 Travel News Television – Lewis and Clark theme – to a group organizing the State Elementary School Principals Conference in 2003 as they plan to have a L&C theme.

Worked on arrangements for the Corps of Rediscovery statewide Lewis and Clark meeting in July in Lower Brule. The next meeting will be in November at Bob’s Steakhouse, west of Gettysburg.

Sent slides and information on South Dakota’s L&C sites for a L&C publication being printed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Fulfilled requests for Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Resource Guide.

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The tribes of South Dakota were invited by the Lewis and Clark (L&C) National Council to have a Signature Event. The official name of the state’s L&C Signature Event is:"Oceti Sakowin Experience: Remembering and Educating." (Oceti Sakowin is Lakota for Seven Council Fires.)

There will be a Native American Festival and Art Show/Sale on August 27-28, 2004. Events will be held throughout September on many of the reservations. An arts committee has been established to plan the opening events. Activities for the Signature Event will continue on the reservations throughout the month of September. The tribes already on board are Yankton, Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Cheyenne River and Oglala.

Set timeline for updating the Guide to Indian Reservations and Art. Mailed 35 letters and Guides to various contact people on each of the reservations for their review, and will contact representatives for the current listings for updates.

Attended Okiciapiye (Native American Scenic Byway) meetings. Work continues on the Circle of Tipis at Oacoma with the hope of having the site completed in July.

Attended the Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates meeting in Lower Brule. Much of the focus of this meeting was on planning the Lewis and Clark Signature Event.

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Fulfilled photo/slide requests from Department of Game, Fish and Parks, State Publishing, South Dakota Rural Electric Association, Pierre Preservation Society, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and AAA South Dakota, Pierre; Aberdeen American News; University of South Dakota, Vermillion; South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and Black Hills FiberCom, Rapid City; The Outdoor Campus and Continental Card Company, Sioux Falls; South Dakota State Fair, Huron; TDG Communications, Deadwood; Sylvan Rocks, Hill City; Persona Inc., Watertown; Midwest Living, Iowa; Globe Pequot Press, Connecticut; Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Cabela’s, Nebraska; BTM Travel Group, Florida; and Unlimited magazine, New York.

Fulfilled video requests from Diamond P Productions, Florida; Focus Outdoors, Minnesota; Mag 4 Media, Virginia; ABC News, New York; and North American Baptist Conference.

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Distributed the 2002 video to partners. Held meeting to gather ideas for the 2003 video. Will develop shooting schedule and script once overall theme is decided.

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Sent "Mickelson Trail" inspired e-mail for this month’s Travelsmart to approximately 72,000 recipients.

Added to and verified Visitor Services Directory (VSD) listings for a total of 4,265 entries. Added categories on the VSD to include "Kenneling/Boarding," "Bar/Grill," and "Bowling Lane." Updated online package listings on and and made two separate categories for the hunting and fishing packages.

Added eight new feature articles to the Kid Zone and added new Guide to the Great Sioux Nation to

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Wrote copy for the winter Travel Trade, which is sent to approximately 3,000 domestic and international tour operators, journalists, and travel counselors.

Placed new travel section ads to run in Sunday editions of Des Moines Register, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Omaha World Herald, Denver Post, Rapid City Journal, Aberdeen American News, and Sioux Falls’ Argus Leader to promote online vacation packages.

Have begun layout for both the Giant Step and Great Getaways shoulder season newspaper inserts, to be inserted in September. Giant Step has 36 partners and will be placed in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota for a reach of 1.3 million households. This insert will feature autumn adventures and partner ads from across South Dakota. The shoulder season Great Getaways has 32 partners and will be inserted in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota and Manitoba for a reach of 735,000 households. Partners in this insert are from Great Lakes, Glacial Lakes and Prairies, and Southeast South Dakota regions.

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Continued evaluation of other states’ vacation guide packets and speed of fulfillment as compared with South Dakota’s.

Completed design of the updated Greenhorn’s Guide to Archaeology and Paleontology print piece. Expect delivery from printer in July.

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Met with staff to determine theme for the booth: "Celebrating the Red, White and Blue." Will contact the four regional tourism associations to discuss giveaways for the fairgoers, along with Tourism’s giveaways.

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A committee of the Board and regional tourism association staff members met in Akaska on June 4 and 5 to discuss/recommend possible changes to the South Dakota Vacation Guide. Some recommendations include: add up to 16 pages to the front of the vacation guide to serve as an "image piece" for the state, move the statewide information section to follow the image pages, and the regional sections would follow these pages. A regional services directory (made up of each region’s membership/partners) will follow each region’s section.

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Governor’s Buffalo Roundup and Governor’s Invitational Pheasant Hunt

The dates for the Roundup are September 28-30 at Custer State Park. The Hunt is scheduled for

October 25-26 in Pierre. Event committees have met and projects are in the works regarding tours, transportation, invitations, guest lists, menus, housing, entertainment, decorations, art showcase, and gifts.

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Yesterday’s Tomorrows, March 18-April 19, Madison; April 29-May 31, Chamberlain; June 10-July 7, Belle Fourche; July 22-August 23, Hill City; September 2-October 4, Deadwood; October 14-November 15, Redfield, and November 25-December 23, Pierre: Announced Creative Writing Contest at the Belle Fourche opening ceremony of the exhibit.

Wild Bill Days, June 14-16, Deadwood: Sent media teasers to 20 targeted regional newspapers, TV stations, and magazines in Wyoming and Nebraska. Sent evaluation forms to local committee and area businesses.

Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo, June 28-30, Clear Lake: Sent media teasers to eight journalists/newspapers in North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant, June 28-30, July 5-7, and July 12-14, De Smet: Sent media teasers to 11 journalists/newspapers in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, and South Dakota.

Oscar Micheaux Film Festival, August 7-11, Gregory: Worked on poster design to incorporate local committee’s comments and sent poster materials to them. Newspaper ads will mirror poster design, and they will run in late July to early August in Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. Radio ad to be finalized.

Frontier Days, August 16-18, White River: Wrote radio ad copy and worked on media teasers. Local committee member reports that they have received several inquiries about their event from people who had visited Due to a lack of funds, local committee decided not to print the posters.

Lewis and Clark Heritage Days, August 17-18 and 22, Elk Point: Worked with local committee on designing brochure. Worked on media teasers. Sent e-mail of event information to the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial to be placed on their web site.

Lewis and Clark Spirit Mound Festival, August 24-25, Vermillion: Received an event schedule from the committee and placed on Sent e-mail of event information to the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial to be placed on their web site.

Mickelson Trail Trek, September 20-22, Black Hills: Created a database of bike clubs and shops to use for poster mailing and registration forms.

South Dakota Highland Festival, September 14, Scotland: Placed ad in August issue of Scottish Life.

St. Joseph Indian School Days/Pow Wow, September 27-28, Chamberlain: Sent e-mail of event information to the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial to be placed on their web site. Placed ad in September issue of Home & Away and September/October issue of Midwest Living.

Black Hills Pow Wow, October 11-13, Rapid City: Placed ad in September issue of Home & Away and September/October issue of Midwest Living. Placed reader service ad in Home & Away.

Ringneck Festival, November 8-9, Huron: Worked on classified ad for July editions of newspapers.

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Deadwood gaming revenue deposited for Tourism for May 2002 was up 42.6 percent at $190,033, compared to $133,270 for May 2001. The tourism tax deposited for May 2002 was up 1.9 percent at $155,319, as compared to $152,477 for May 2001. Revenue deposits for the Department for FY2002 are up at $5,648,370, as compared to $5,395,300 for FY2001, showing an overall increase of 4.7 percent, which completes the 12-month period for FY2002.

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