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Monthly Reports: February 2002

February 2002

MEMORANDUM TO: William J. Janklow

DATE: March 4, 2002

FROM: Patricia Van Gerpen

SUBJECT: Tourism’s February Monthly Status Report

You may download and print the entire February report in Adobe Acrobat (PDF).


Rural Tourism Development
Public Relations
Group Tour
Film Office
Information Centers
Travel Shows
Lewis and Clark Promotions
Native American Tourism
Travel News Television
World Wide Web
Target Market Advertising
Winter Campaign
Mount Rushmore Independence Day Celebration
Great Events
Department Funding


Held Farm and Ranch/Bed and Breakfast vacation development workshops over DDN, with the majority of the 93 registrants attending sites in Rapid City, Pierre, and Mitchell. Distributed the new Farm and Ranch Vacation Assistance Directory to attendees. Fulfilled other requests for directory.

With assistance from the Department of Education and Cultural Affairs, coordinated mailing to schools in South Dakota announcing Oz Festival contest.

Will coordinate mailing for Laura Ingalls Wilder Little Ambassador Contest to schools.

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Contacted media in Minneapolis to set up appointments for the South Dakota/Wyoming Media Blitz to be held March 19-22.

Reviewed summer internship applications and will schedule interviews.

Fulfilled requests from Pennsylvania, California, New York, Maryland, Minnesota, and Nevada.

Press hits with circulation and estimated ad equivalence include: Grant County Review (4,335) with ad equivalence of $26; Rapid City Journal (35,465) two articles with ad equivalence of $570; and Sioux Falls Argus Leader (73,167) three articles with ad equivalence of $3,723.

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Attended America Bus Association Marketplace (ABA) and met with 37 tour operators. Held caucus meeting for 19 South Dakota delegates in which cities, regions, and the Department shared tour operator leads with South Dakota suppliers. Requested leads from all South Dakota delegates who attended Marketplace. Leads will be sent to the 63 members of the National Tour Association (NTA) and ABA in South Dakota. Will complete follow-up to all companies with whom our delegates met.

Sent letter to in-state ABA/NTA members and the receptive operators to find a delegate to fill an opening in the six-member South Dakota delegation to Travel Industry Association of America International Pow Wow in May. Sent invitations to 865 tour operators for the "Wagons West! Circle Tour" that will cover many sites in eastern South Dakota in May. Five companies have signed up for the tour so far.

Will send spring ad campaign schedule and Giant Step booklet to tour operators in our target markets.

Will compile a list from the Giant Step coupon that was distributed via magazines to consumers. The coupon is a form by which consumers can request group tour information. Tourism sends these names to the appropriate tour companies Ė those companies that serve the area in which the consumer resides.

Met with Manitoba, North Dakota, and Minnesota tourism representatives and developed a signature tour through the region, discussed several tours to develop and other ways of working together regionally. Compiled a list of technical tours in South Dakota for this campaign.

Updated forms that will be sent to visitor-related businesses and organizations in March. Information on returned forms will be used in the 2003-2004 Group Tour Planning Guide.

Revising Escort Notes with new copy and photos for printing in March.

Sent requested information to Lawless Unlimited Ent., New York; Barbara McConnell, Illinois; MTS Travel, Pennsylvania; Hawkeye Stages, Minnesota; Pilgrimage Tours, Missouri; Jacobsen Tours, South Dakota; Western Trailways, British Columbia, Canada; and Gazelle World Wave, Belgium.

Sent new press releases and copies of the 2002 Calendar of Events to Rocky Mountain International (RMI) France/Paris office for a media reception. Sent slides to RMI-France/Paris for an Equiwest magazine article to be published in March. Sent request for slides from Equiwest to Crazy Horse Memorial.

Completed interview with Courier magazine for article on the Black Hills and Badlands areas of South Dakota.

Attended BIT show in Italy and met with tour operators and journalists. Gathered approximately 70 leads, almost twice as many as last year. Made sales calls, gave presentations, and held seminars in France/Benelux market for tour operators Ė EURAM, Wing Ďn Wheels, VTB/Expert Tours, ECU Travel, Special Traffic, Aireka (50 guests), Jan Doets, and ARKE. A reception was hosted for approximately 40 tour operators and journalists in Paris.

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Conducted two AAA seminars, one in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for 13 travel counselors, and the other in St. Louis, Missouri, for 27 attendees. These counselors serve a membership of approximately 1,253,000. This is the first time a seminar was held in St. Louis. Two years ago, staff visited all of the St. Louis offices.

Sent training certificates to participants in the AAA seminars hosted in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

Fulfilled requests from AAA/CAA offices and independent travel agencies in Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Jersey, and North Dakota, plus Alberta, Canada.

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Lee Harstad has been hired to fill the Media Relations/Outdoors position, which was previously held by Mark Kayser.

Fulfilled requests for information from Las Vegas Shot Show.

Contacted Curt Hicken from Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) regarding their upcoming conference in Sioux Falls in September.

Working on developing a four-color fishing ad that will appear in the May/June and July/August issues of Sporting Classics and the May/June issue of Walleye Insider. Working on details of fishing postcard mailing.

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Continued to verify and update listings for the new Film Office Production Guide. Contacted potential advertisers, selected photos, and developed a variety of cover ideas.

Met with staff to discuss home page and format of the web site.

Working with Champion Sports Group on a proposal for a television special featuring the Sturgis Rally.

Met with the mayor and city council members of Sturgis and a Champion Sports Group representative via DDN to discuss promotional opportunities and share information.

Worked with a public relations coordinator for First Look Media regarding a Skins premiere party at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie Skins was shot primarily in South Dakota last spring, with some locations in Nebraska. Attended the premiere and the 2002 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Approximately 1,500 people were at the premiere, and over 300 people were turned away due to a lack of seating. The movie has received good reviews.

Was interviewed by Markee magazine (circulation 21,000) for an upcoming issue.

Contacted a production company to find out the status of a possible film shoot this winter. They are still looking for a male lead actor. Contacted by a Colorado firm for a list of actors and crew for a project. Contacted by a production firm regarding details to film a commercial at Mount Rushmore. Sent photo files and a list of ranch contacts to another production company.

Received a copy of a screenplay for a feature film from a production company. Broke the script down and sent suggestions on locations and which sites to start scouting. Sent photo files.

Sent Production Guide packets to production companies in North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, and New York.

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Received 140 applications for seasonal travel counselors. Have scheduled interviews in March in Chamberlain, Sturgis, Sioux Falls, and Wilmot. Will conduct phone interviews in March.

Continued to plan Information Center training tour to be held May 2-10. Tour will cover areas along the Lewis and Clark trail and sites in the Black Hills.

Met with representative of Risk Management to discuss information and other materials that need to be added to the Information Center Training Handbook. Included these recommendations and made corrections and other updates as needed in the Handbook.

Will send application forms in May for the poster display program, which is available at some Information Centers. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first served basis, and the fee must accompany the application form.

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Evaluated visitor-related businessesí comment cards and nomination forms for the Governorís Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Hospitality. For 2002, there are 51 individuals/businesses that have received the Governorís Certificate, two have received a gold foil star for a second recognition, and no gold lapel pins for a third recognition have been given.

Researched speakers for the management and front-line training seminars set for the spring.

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Attended the Harrisburg Sports Show. The show was down in attendance from last year due in part to the slow economy on the eastern seaboard and construction on portions of the parking lot. However, many of the show-goers who stopped at the booth said they had visited South Dakota last year. The interest at this show is approximately 40 % pheasant hunting, 15 % big game hunting, 40% vacationing, and 5 % fishing.

Sent travel show evaluation forms to partners who worked the Chicago, Denver, and Harrisburg shows. Will compile evaluation responses for a report.

Sent information and work schedule to travel show partners working the Milwaukee show.

Checked out the St. Louis Boat and Sports Show while conducting AAA seminars there.

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Total FY2002 Inquiries through 03-01-2002: 

Mail: 30,930
Internet (e-mail): 28,579
Phone:   13,657
Total: 73,166

Total FY2001 Inquiries through 03-01-2001:

Mail: 34,866
Internet (e-mail): 20,401
Phone:   15,212
Total: 70,479

This is an overall increase in inquiries of 3.8 percent over FY2001. (This does not include hits/visits to Tourismís Web site.)

Calculated number of page views at 440,774 on Tourismís web site for the period of February 1-28, 2002, for a daily average of 15,741 over a 28-day period. This compares to calculated page views of 388,940 for the period of January 25 through February 24, 2001, for a daily average of 12,546 over a 31-day period. This is an increase in daily average of page views of 25.5 percent over a comparable time period in 2001. "Page views" represents the number of times each and every page within the web site is accessed.

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Hosted Dr. James Ronda, Lewis and Clark scholar and author. Set up interview with KSFY TV for their morning show as well as a book signing for Ronda at Barnes and Noble, Sioux Falls.

Held Corps of Rediscovery meeting in Sioux Falls. There were 132 people who attended Dr. Rondaís presentation. Carol McBryant from the National Park Service spoke about the Corps II project.

Assisted Great Lakes on their Lewis and Clark interpretive panel project.

Worked on details of the Lewis and Clark Interpreter workshops to take place in Vermillion in March and in Eagle Butte in April.

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Attended a Native American Scenic Byway meeting.

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Fulfilled photo requests for Best Western Golden Spike, Hill City; Department of Game, Fish and Parks, BankWest, State Bar Association, South Dakota Rural Electric Association, and State Publishing, Pierre; Sioux Falls Argus Leader, AAA South Dakota, Media One, and Compass Books, Sioux Falls; Bureau of Personnel, Mitchell; Buffalo Chip Hunts, Presho; South Dakota Cattlemanís Association, Montrose; writer from Deadwood; U.S. Geological Survey, Huron; American Planning Association, Illinois; Morris Travel and Farcountry Press, Montana; teacher from Texas; North American Hunter Magazine, Minnesota; and Bank Travel Management, Kentucky.

Reviewed applications for photo internship and will schedule interviews.

Fulfilled video requests to Dakota Post, Sioux Falls; Louisiana Public Television; Leasure and Associates, Utah; Ideum, California; Filmhouse and Reidland Sports, Tennessee; and KAT Productions, North Dakota.

Reviewed applications for video internship and will schedule interviews.

Replaced lens on Rushmore webcam and researching a software update.

Developed a two-hour video, called "The Great American Road Trip" for the South Dakota/Wyoming media blitz from footage supplied by Wyoming and from our files.

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Drafting a script for the 2002 Travel News Television (TNT) video and set up a filming schedule. TNT is produced in-house and supplied to lodging properties to run on their in-house systems and to city cable companies to run on local channels.

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Have sent information to Tourismís database announcing a change in the kiosk system called the World Wide Web, as this program will be discontinued in May. A new program called "Preferred Partner" will become our web co-op. Preferred Partners will be noted on the Visitor Services Directory with a special icon. This co-op will cost $100, include two 360-degree photos of a property, and provide links to that partnerís web, e-mail, and booking service.

Checked Junoís search engine, and most of our preferred keywords returned at least one page in the top ten.

Working on expanding e-mail address list through mailing via a new provider. This is for the permission e-mail system the Department uses for Travelsmart mailings.

Developed e-mail address list for the South Dakota/Wyoming public relations blitzes in Chicago and Minneapolis. Sent e-mail invitations to journalists.

Researched photo/press CD-ROMs: price of replication/packaging options and quality.

Currently have 16 Romance packages on Tourismís web site at Have added same packages to, a promotion and site sponsored by the Travel Industry Association of America. South Dakota now has 45 winter and romance packages on this site.

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Designed full-page, four-color ads for "Itís America" campaign. Magazines in which these ads will be placed include May issues of Good Housekeeping, Rosie, and Trailer Life; May/June issues of AAA Home & Away, Travel America, American Heritage, and National Geographic Traveler; and June/July issue of Family Fun.

Designed ad for 4Parks media buy for placement in following magazines: March issue of Ladies Home Journal; March/April issues of Modern Maturity, AAA Home & Away, and Audubon; April issues of Readerís Digest and Family Fun; and July/August issues of Travel America and Arthur Frommerís Budget Travel. Total circulation of the eight magazines is 6.5 million. Partners in this program include Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming/Glacier, and AmFac Concessions at Mount Rushmore, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone.

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Received the 2002-2003 South Dakota Vacation Guide and began distributing.

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Received completed waiver forms from the winner of the snowmobile club postcard sweepstakes, which was sponsored by the Deadwood Chamber and Visitors Bureau. Winner is from Iowa.

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Have reserved satellite feed truck from Relay House for the fireworks display on July 3.

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Black Hills Race for the Gold Dog Sled Race, January 12-13, Hill City: Event was cancelled due to a lack of snow.

Yesterdayís Tomorrows, selected dates March through December, Madison, Chamberlain, Belle Fourche, Hill City, Deadwood, Redfield, and Pierre: Training workshop for installation of exhibits will take place in Madison in March. Placed ad in January/February issue of Midwest Living.

Wild Bill Days, June 14-16, Deadwood: Drafted marketing plan. Developing logo for event. Placed ad in May/June issue of American Cowboy and June issue of Wild West.

Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo, June 21-23, Clear Lake: Prepared marketing plan. Committee is looking for sponsors for their electronic scoreboard.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant, June 28-July 14, De Smet: Prepared marketing plan. Will meet with local committee to discuss Tourismís assistance.

Oscar Micheaux Film Festival, August 7-11, Gregory: Met with local committee. Will draft marketing plan based on suggestions from this meeting. Contacted six filmmakers with South Dakota ties to discern their interest in showing their work at the Festival. Will follow up with filmmakers.

Frontier Days, August 16-18, White River: Working on marketing plan. Placed information on Began layout of four-color poster. Created ad for Midwest Living.

Lewis and Clark Heritage Days, August 17-18 and 22, Elk Point: Working on marketing plan. Placed ad in Lewis and Clark Trail Guide and May issue of We Proceeded On.

Lewis and Clark Spirit Mound Festival, August 24-25, Vermillion: Drafting marketing plan. Working on ad for Lewis and Clark Trail Guide.

Mickelson Trail Trek, September 20-22, Black Hills: Wrote copy for classified ad. Placed ad in May issue of Adventure Cyclist.

South Dakota Highland Festival, September 14, Scotland: Will draft marketing plan after meeting with local committee.

St. Joseph Indian School Days/Pow Wow, September 27-28, Chamberlain: Worked on marketing plan.

Black Hills Pow Wow, October 11-13, Rapid City: Updated marketing plan. Will attend local committee meeting in March.

Ringneck Festival, November 8-9, Huron: Will attend next meeting set by local committee.

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Deadwood gaming revenue deposited for Tourism for January 2002 was up 17.8 percent at $138,223, as compared to $117,327 for January 2001. The tourism tax deposited for January 2002 was down 2.0 percent at $192,939, as compared to $196,855 for January 2001. Revenue deposits for the Department for FY2002 are up at $4,419,223, as compared to $4,294,993 for FY2001, showing an overall increase of 2.9 percent.

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