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Great Events Campaign

The South Dakota Office of Tourism's Great Events campaign is a powerful marketing tool for event organizers to promote their event and increase attendance rates. The program features four events selected by the South Dakota Office of Tourism based upon several criteria including:

  • Length of event: Must be two or more days in length.
  • Reoccurrences of event: Must be an annual event.
  • Uniqueness: Must be a unique event (e.g., no Fourth of July, Labor Day, etc. celebrations).
  • Growth Potential: Must have visitor appeal and growth potential. Growth potential is defined as rooms available in hotels/motels.
  • Event can occur anytime during the year.
  • Non-profit events only. Religious, political or for-profit events are not eligible.
  • Event can be part of the Great Events campaign for no more than three (3) consecutive years.

The South Dakota Office of Tourism provides assistance to event organizers and supports promotional efforts for designated events in order to boost visitor spending and to increase the economic impact of the event on host communities.

The Great Events program is designed to assist established events grow into larger, self-sustaining events. Those events that are highly successful and have already reached a maximum growth capacity, please contact the Office of Tourism for other marketing opportunities.


The application form is available as a PDF to download (Adobe Reader or Acrobat required). The application must be printed and completed. It is not currently available to complete online.


A list of responsibilities has been developed for the selected event organizers. Please review these responsibilities prior to completing and submitting an application.


A list of responsibilities has also been developed for the South Dakota Office of Tourism. These responsibilities are the commitments of the South Dakota Office of Tourism to each selected event.



For more information, contact Brad Lemmel, Visitor & Industry Relations Representative, at 605-773-3301 or