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Rooster Rush Toolkit

In order to help communities participate in and spread the word about Rooster Rush, the Department of Tourism has compiled information into the Rooster Rush Toolkit. We`ve included everything from logo files to media relations tips to a recipe for sidewalk paint. If you have questions or need assistance beyond what is offered here, we encourage you to contact Katlyn Richter at 605-773-3301 or

General Information | Logo Usage & Files | Media Relations | Social Media | #HuntInSD

General Information

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Logo Usage and Files

The 2017 South Dakota Rooster Rush logo can be used by private businesses at no cost to the user. Downloadable files are available, below.

When advertising in print, please include the black and white Rooster Rush logo and place it in the lower, right-hand corner of the ad. It should be the same size as any other logo used in the ad.

The following pointers will assist you in using the logo correctly. If you have questions, contact Thad Friedeman, Senior Marketing Services Coordinator, at 605-773-3301 or

Rooster Rush Logo Usage Pointers:

  • When printing in process color, please use the CMYK color file (PDF 632 KB). The CMYK logo is set up to match the bright orange when printed using four-color process.

  • When printing as spot color (PMS Spot - PDF 442 KB), use: Pantone PMS 021c orange and black.

  • If you`re designing a cap for embroidery, please use file Embroidery (PDF 582 KB). This file is set up specifically for smaller embroidery projects such as a bright orange cap.

  • If you`re printing on a solid orange background, please use logo Black Overlay (PDF 424 KB).

  • The logo should be used with bright orange on all possible promotion items. None of the design elements should be altered, manipulated or moved. There should be adequate space provided around the logo to ensure clean branding. This will ensure consistent messaging by all parties using the logo.

  • The logo can be used with the year or the year can be removed.

Example of Logo:

South Dakota Rooster Rush

If you or your printer need a JPEG or an EPS version of the logo, please contact Thad Friedeman.

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Media Relations

It`s no secret that South Dakota has more pheasants than any other state. What can be a secret is how great the pheasant hunting experience is in your community.

If you have an event, it`s never too early to start talking about it and the people behind the event. Even if all the details aren`t finalized, it is okay to talk about it and then keep the media posted on details as they emerge.

As a general rule, the media is looking for things that are new, different or relevant, and that`s a great place to start. The media is also looking for human interest, small business and trend stories, so build those into your arsenal for gaining media. One often over-looked way to gain media coverage is to ask your local reporters what types of pheasant hunting stories they are looking for.

One common misperception is that you need to issue a press release to get your story out to the media. The fact is, a phone call or email is usually more effective when it contains an interesting story or story angle.

Here are some story angles that you might consider: download a PDF of these Media Relations tips.

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Social Media

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram present a great way to get your story out there. Hunters are part of a community all their own and they are active participants in talking about the sport and the experience that they love.

Here are some examples of how you can make use of some of these outlets: download a PDF of this Social Media information.

We are here to help you! If you have a question, a story idea or just want to bounce an idea off of someone, give us a call. We have an experienced team of PR professionals who are ready to help you tell your story. We would love to hear what you are doing and make sure that we coordinate everyone`s efforts in attracting hunters from all over the world to South Dakota.

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The Department of Tourism is continuing the #HuntInSD shoulder season social media outreach effort. We continue to encourage general leisure travelers to use #HiFromSD during their shoulder season vacation, and encourage hunters to showcase their trophy game and hunting experiences with #HuntInSD.

As part of the Rooster Rush material, we are including orange window clings with #HuntInSD information coupled with graphics of a deer and a pheasant. We encourage businesses to place the cling in a visible location.

A landing page with a collection of social media photos has been set up and is populated throughout the year. Posts are populated onto

We encourage everyone in the industry to talk personally and digitally with their consumers about #HuntInSD. Itís known that hunters love to brag about their experiences and that third party endorsements on their social media sites will go a long way in encouraging others to travel to South Dakota as well.


What is a hashtag (#)?
A hashtag is a label for content. It helps others who are interested in a certain topic quickly find relevant information. On social media sites, they act as a link, connecting social media posts from people across the world together. If promoted by enough individuals, hashtags can trend and attract more individuals to enter the discussion or be aware of the content.

Where will the photo, video, or content posted using the hashtag #HuntInSD be located?
When content is posted to a userís social media site using #HuntInSD, the content will live on their page and be shared with their friends and followers. It could also potentially be selected for the #HuntInSD feed on the South Dakota Department of Tourism’s website There is a link to this landing page on

Users may have their privacy settings set in a way that their content cannot be pulled to our landing page (this is especially common on Facebook and Instagram), but will still be visible to the individual's followers.

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With media relations and social media questions, as well as general Rooster Rush questions, please contact Katlyn Richter, Global Media & Public Relations Director, at 605-773-3301 or