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Pheasantennial Logo Usage

The 2008 South Dakota Pheasantennial logo can be used by private businesses at no cost to the user. High-resolution downloads are available below.

The following pointers will assist you in using the logo correctly. If you have questions, contact Thad Friedeman, Creative Strategies Manager, at the Department of Tourism and State Development by phone at (605) 773-3301 or by e-mail at

Pheasantennial Logo Usage Pointers:

  • When printing in process color, please use the CMYK color file. The CMYK mark is gradient heavy to maximize the visual impact of the name.

  • When printing on spot color, use: PMS 199 Red, PMS 458 Yellow, PMS 466 Tan, PMS 470 Dark Red/Brown, PMS 532 Dark Blue, PMS 5555 Dark Blue/Green, PMS 5565 Green/Blue and PMS 5807 Light Yellow.

  • The logo can be printed in a single color (e.g., black ink on white paper). Two files are available, one in grayscale for contrast and one as flat black. It is preferred that you use the grayscale version whenever possible. If a printer has a hard time handling half-tone screens, the flat black version may be used.

  • Rasterized .jpgs are available in both CMYK and RGB color. The RGB version is preferred for use on webpages or web mediums.

  • The logo is meant to be a self-contained seal. None of the design elements should be altered, manipulated or moved to ensure maximum visibility. Please use the logo in its entirety.

Example of Logo:

South Dakota Pheasantennial

High-Resolution, Color Downloads:

CMYK printing color
(300 dpi - JPG format - 3,030 x 2,095 pixels - 3.8MB)

RGB color (for e-mail and online use)
(300 dpi - JPG format - 3,030 x 2,095 pixels - 2.4MB)

If you or your printer need an EPS version of the logo, please contact Thad Friedeman at (605) 773-3301 or