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Film Production Guide

This comprehensive guide is a tool for film and video industry representatives, as well as producers and creative directors in advertising agencies, who are interested in South Dakota as a filming location. The guide contains location photos and information, as well as pertinent laws and guidelines. The guides are sent upon request and distributed at film trade shows and festivals. The content, along with crew and service listings, is also available at Any person or business associated with the film industry may be listed on the website free of charge.

Film Industry Hostings

Hosting producers, directors and location managers is key when selling the state of South Dakota to film production companies and top studio executives. Bringing decision-makers into the state and showing them around can prove to be worth millions of dollars after a film has come and gone. Many times, these decision-makers come back to film in South Dakota. They tell other colleagues about their experience, provide jobs, and sometimes look at purchasing a business or real estate in South Dakota.


For more information, contact Katlyn Richter, Film & Media Representative, at
605-773-3301 or