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Peak Campaign: Advertising Strategies

Advertising Strategies

Peak Season Marketing

The 2007 peak season campaign is currently underway. Utilizing new research findings and continuing the three-tiered approach, the Office of Tourism built the peak season marketing around three specific groups of South Dakota visitors.

Tier 1

Tier one markets will see image-based ads that build awareness of South Dakota and entice consumers who havenít been to the state to learn more.

Tier 1 States:    Illinois    West Virginia    Wisconsin

Tier 2

Tier two markets consist of travelers who are closer to South Dakota and are encouraged to explore the many wonders South Dakota has to offer.

Tier 2 States:    Iowa    Minnesota    Nebraska

Tier 3

Tier three market efforts encourage potential travelers from nearby markets and our own residents to travel in South Dakota for an easy weekend getaway at one of the stateís many unique events.

Tier 3 States:    Iowa    North Dakota    South Dakota

Television, Newspaper, Radio and Magazine

The peak campaign includes traditional media elements such as six fresh, new television ads that promote South Dakota from several angles including outdoors, parks and monuments, and family-friendly destinations. The media schedule also contains new radio ads, a direct mail piece and newspaper ads that promote travel specials in South Dakota. The Giant Step Co-op program is also in progress, with a few new niche publications added to the mix. This year, 36 partners are included in three-page ads running in key publications that reach South Dakota’s target markets.

Great Getaways

The Great Getaways newspaper insert has been revamped and is smaller, but is being inserted three times. Each layout features different partners promoting South Dakota as a close vacation destination. Each piece has a circulation of 660,000.

Online Marketing

The Office of Tourism is also increasing its presence and spreading the South Dakota message on the Internet. The campaign includes a new Internet-based behavioral marketing program to target relevant messages to specific audience segments.

Cooperative Partnerships

In addition, the peak campaign includes new cooperative partnerships and a few new media elements such as a page on and an Internet-based behavioral marketing program. Partnerships were also developed with the Deadwood Chamber and Visitors Bureau, Black Hills, Badlands & Lakes Association and Glacial Lakes Association.

The Office of Tourism welcomes new cooperative partnerships. For more information or to submit a proposal, call (605) 773-3301.